Travel Partner is the Sound of the Future.

With the onset of rapid globalisation and ‘glocalisation’, our country is fortunate enough to be one of the major hubs for all-round development, which has resulted in an increased travel sphere for corporates as well as an increase demand for their accommodation services, not just in the Major Metropolitan Cities but also in various B-Towns.

Thus it suffices to say, the workload of the Admin Department of any organisation in terms of sourcing the right hotel at the right time with the appropriate standards at the best price has increased and has rather become harder with the numerous hotels available.

Also, meeting the various hotel representatives to shortlist hotels tend to be an exhaustive use of one’s resources, which we could take care of by helping you in finding the right hotel.

So why do you need a Travel Partner ? And why COMPANY TRAVEL ?

Well equipped with a team of professionals from the Hospitality Industry, we help you in saving money on every room night as our hotel rates are very competitive and thus helps keep in line with the budget set for your traveller.

With the market being highly dynamic with it's fluctuating rates, it tends to be hectic for admin managers in getting hotel booking done, but with us one can forget the hassle associated with negotiating the hotel prices as we are directly contracted with over 3500+ hotels, who offers us the same price for the season, no matter the demand, or the situation or even the ever dynamic market, the rates are constant for that season.

A Relationship Manager will be assigned to curate and assist your company travellers with all their requirements. The safety and security of the traveller is of paramount importance to us. We will be your point of contact and will assist you throughout 24x7

We also offer credit period of 1 week to our corporates . It is also to be noted that there are reward points associated with each booking.

By choosing Company Travel, you choose to get the best of both ONLINE AND CONTRACTED RATE

GST Input when booked through travel partner

This is another way of saving money on your travel budget. corporates can save on their tax money charged towards the room stay as under GSTIN rule , you can take the complete input of the CGST and SGST , if you have office in the same state where you have booked the hotel.

But if you do not have your office in the same state then this input can not be taken. This is because a hotel will charge you CGST and SGST. If you are booking through us then you can still take the input for 18% . This is possible because we will be raising the invoice under IGST . The input for IGST can be taken under IGST.