Partnership is the need of the hour

The current crisis calls all of us to stand united. As per the IMF , the estimated global loss would be around 4 trillion . According to them this is way worse than the Global Financial Crisis 2008-2009 ; and our industry is the worst hit.

This crisis calls for partnership . Partnership with like minded team/people/company where two can support each other and come out of this crisis.

Bangalore, dubbed as India's Silicon Valley, is one of the leading corporate hubs in India. It is fast becoming a major feeder market for all metros in India.

Company Travel partners with select hotels in important cities across India. As your representative, we promote you in Bangalore to connect you with travel agents , Tour Operator , Event Companies . You can build a steady base of customers, thus ensuring consistent occupancy rates across your properties.

With so many advantages, Company Travel is the right platform that can help you expand out of your local territory without incurring a rupee in marketing costs.